What Urban Dictionary Has To Say About These Eight Northern Ontario Towns

Despite its rugged beauty, Northern Ontario has always seemed to have a stigma attached to it. People who live there are proud folks but based on what the Urban Dictionary has to say about some of the towns on this list, you would never know it.

Urban Dictionary, a site that’s been around since 2000, allows users to submit definitions of various words and slang terms that are slightly beyond what you’d find in the Webster’s classic. It’s really a great tool to keep up with the beat of today. However, the definitions can sometimes be a little rough.

Be careful. The following Urban Dictionary submissions about these eight Northern Ontario towns just might make you spill your milk.

North Bay

Source Urban Dictionary

It seems that if you listen to what ‘Always and forever’ has to say about North Bay, you may want to bring extra protection when going clubbing.


Source: Urban Dictionary

Some people might think Timmins is the gem of the North. Some people do not.


Source Urban Dictionary

The Nickel City once won the title of Canada’s Happiest City. If you ever visit Northern Ontario’s hub, you may want to skip the downtown.

Sault Ste Marie

Source Urban Dictionary

Other than paying $60-$80 for a quarter of weed, it appears to be the nicest on the list, thus far. I guess the Sault will make for some easy sales at the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Sturgeon Falls

Source Urban Dictionary

Poutine, anyone? Sturgeon Falls is ripe with chip stands and cheap gas. The place isn’t bad if you want a pumpkin either. According to ‘skippinit’ they also like their bargain shopping.

Thunder Bay

Source Urban Dictionary

Driving in Thunder Bay? You may want to wear your seat belt. According to ‘Boneyard’, you may need good auto insurance as well. It seems their driving skills might need some work.

Elliot Lake

Source Urban Dictionary

If you are old and poor it sounds like this is your town. Apparently, this ‘Pseudonym0618’ is an oracle because he basically predicted the mall collapse. That happened on June 23, 2012.


Source: Urban Dictionary

All we can say about this is one is that either farmers in this area should be very scared for their livestock or this ‘jesus234’ shouldn’t drink and go on the internet.