Toronto Meteor Caught On Camera

A meteor, seen from as far away as Buffalo, was caught on camera by Toronto, Ontario residents on Wednesday evening, shortly after 9pm.

The fireball was also spotted by the CN Tower’s webcam, as shown in a tweet by meteorologist Scott Sutherland.

The American Meteor Society received over 80 reports, with witnesses saying that the meteor was “as bright as the full moon” and lasted “for about four seconds.”

In a video submitted to the AMS, a dash cam records a momementary stop at a traffic light.

Moments later, a fireball shoots through the frame, capturing the amazing moment.

Multiple witnesses took to Twitter to share what they saw.

@JakeWindsor asked, “Anyone else just see a huge #meteor cruising through the Toronto skyline?” He described the meteor as being “green with a long tail to it.”

@astro_tina agreed with the description, tweeting she was “pretty certain it had a green tinge and visible fragmentation!”

@sw0rdfish simply gave props to the Universe for a “cool fireworks display.”

It has been requested that any additional sightings be reported to the American Meteor Society at