Things To Do in Tobermory – Activities and Attractions

For a small harbour town in Ontario, there sure are a lot of things to do in Tobermory.

Primarily known for its sightseeing, sunsets, and scuba diving, Tobermory definitely has many places to visit and experience Canada’s natural beauty.

If you dive a little deeper, though, you’ll find that the same small harbour town in Ontario offers everything from aerial parks to axe throwing.

Read on to find an some activities and attractions that will elevate your trip to Tobermory, Ontario, Canada.

Aerial Park Activities at Little Cove Adventures

Little Cove Adventures is a play-or-stay aerial adventure park that has neighboring cabin rentals available.

The aerial park is the highlight at this one. Featuring two rope courses for different ages and experience levels, kids and adults can gear up and get their climb on.

While their are less challenging elements amongst them, the rope courses are not exactly a walk in the park. You’ll be confronted with swings of all sorts, webs of rope, and many planks and beams that always seem to be trying to get away from you.

Some aspects of the “High Ropes” course sit roughly 30 feet in the air, so squash that fear of heights if you’re heading on up. The “Low Ropes” section sits comfortably off of the ground at levels of two feet or less. Great-grandma, this one’s yours!

A decent amount of physical strength and endurance is expected, no matter which course you choose. Waivers will be signed before you attempt to make monkey.

As stated, cabins are on-site if you want to stay the night in Tobermory or you want to make a weekend of the park and it’s surroundings.

Take note, however, that Little Cove’s website page listing the cabin rules is nearly the longest entry on the entire site.

Axe Throwing Hits Tobermory

If all of that Canadian wilderness has you feeling like a lumberjack, why not take up your hand at axe throwing?

Opening for the first time in the summer of 2019, Climaxe Axe Throwing will introduce this exciting new sport to the Tobermory area.

If this sport is new to you, too, just think of it as darts on steroids. Take an axe. Throw the axe at a target. Do it again.

Stone-age satisfaction adds power to a simple premise. It turns out, heaving hatchets is a heck of a lot of fun! So much so that this Canadian-born sport has spawned multiple leagues internationally and has competitors with major sponsors.

As wild as it sounds, the danger is minimal. Trained representatives are on-hand to provide proper training and guidance. Within a few minutes you’ll be chucking choppers like a pro!

Being new to the game themselves, we hope that Climaxe Axe Throwing hits the bullseye with visitors and goes on to become one of the mainstay activities in Tobermory.

Helicopter Tours Above the Bruce Peninsula

Since we mentioned things to do in Tobermory that involve heights, let’s kick it up a notch with Blue Heron Helicopter Tours. If you like taking in magestic views while your heart rate is matching your altitude, this one is for you.

Offering an incredible experience, Blue Heron will give you a view of the Bruce Peninsula that is unbeatable.

While seated in a Robinson R-44 Raven 2 Helicopter, you’ll be flown 1,000 feet in the air, getting a birds eye view of the unique geographical features and shipwrecks that surround Tobermory.

With three packages to choose from, flights and sights vary from twelve to thirty minutes. Each upgrade in package will add on additional locations to your flight.

Starting with a tour of the Fathom Five National Marine Park, you can add Flowerpot Island, Cove Island and Echo Island, if you opt for the twenty minute flight. The third choice consists of a thirty minute session over all of these areas, adding aerial views of the Grotto.

There’s also an option to book your own custom sightseeing tours over Tobermory, with extended flight times and a personalized tour route.

Mountain Biking the Tract Trails

For those looking for an adrenaline rush without any fees, a twenty minute drive will lead you to to the Lindsay Tract mountain biking trail system.

With varying degrees of difficulty and a little over fifteen kilometers of single and double trails, a two-wheeled trek through the Lindsay Tract will please families to freeriders.

Safer, less strenuous sections of the trail include spots such as the Slow Ride and the Rattle Way. These flatter segments are a great choice for beginners or for family rides. If great-grandma still has some gas in the tank following her adventure at the aerial park, she’ll love coasting around the light turns that these trails offer.

Routes suited to those with higher skill levels range from whoppers like the Devil’s Dust or the Highway to Hell. Some technical runs, craggy rock gardens, and more than a few wicked roots lie in wait along the way, anxious to confront the more confident riders.

Overall, the Lindsay Tract trail system is an exciting way to get acquainted with nature in the Bruce Peninsula!

Glass Bottom Boats and the Fathom Five

Suppose a bird’s eye view is out of the question.

Instead of taking in great sights from the great heights of a helicopter, hop aboard one of Tobermory’s private tour vessels and see some of the same sights submerged.

Two companies in Tobermory, Blue Heron Cruises and Bruce Anchor Cruises, offer private sightseeing tours of the surrounding waters of the Bruce Peninsula and of the wonders that lie beneath them.

Explore marine life and lake-bed topography through the viewing panels of the glass-bottomed boats, as you coast Georgian Bay. Over twenty shipwrecks are held captive by this section of Lake Huron and you can bear witness to these relics, as well!

Above the water’s surface, these tours include many of Tobermory’s sightseeing hotspots. From shore’s edge the majesty of the Fathom Five National Marine Park is immediate to the eyes. Hotspots like Flowerpot Island the Grotto beg to be photographed as you pass by.

If you’d like to stretch your sea-legs, choose the drop-off tours. You’ll be given the opportunity to leave the boat and explore Flowerpot Island. Many hiking trails, caves, and, of course, the islands’ natural “flowerpot” rock pillars are yours to discover.

Usually running from May until October, these tours offer one of the most splendid ways to soak in Canada’s summer beauty.

Whether its relaxation, family fun, or activities full of adventure, Tobermory has plenty of things to do. Finding the time to fit them all in might be the real challenge. Good luck and enjoy!

Do you want learn more about activities and attractions in Tobermory, Ontario, Canada? Have a look at Tobermory’s official info site.