The Diggstown Mayor

For the first time since amalgamation, the city of Greater Sudbury has a mayor who won re-election. The last Greater Sudbury Mayor to win 2 terms was Jim Gordon. Gordon’s second term began in the new amalgamated City of Greater Sudbury.

During Mayor Brian Bigger’s election night victory speech he stated, “It felt like the movie Diggstown, where in a very short time I had to face ten challengers.” Diggstown is a classic movie from the 90’s starring Louis Gossett Jr. in which he plays a an over-the-hill boxer who faces unsurmountable odds in an attempt to knock out ten competitors in 24 hours.

Given the toxicity of the campaign and the negative campaigning from a number of the mayoral candidates, it will be interesting to see how the mayor decides how to deal with the issues plaguing Sudbury’s downtown. Detractors to the Kingsway Entertainment District seemed to have run a whole slate of candidates to no avail.

This election was also the incumbents election as none of the incumbents that ran had lost. This was extremely surprising to see in some of the wards. This election will be an historic one given the electronic voting challenges.

With only a 45% voter turn out, the results are as follows.

Mayor Brian Bigger 28%
Ward 1 Mark Signoretti 53%
Ward 2 Michael Vagnini ACCLAIMED
Ward 3 Gerry Montpellier ACCLAIMED
Ward 4 Geoff McCausland 38%
Ward 5 Robert Kirwan 50%
Ward 6 René Lapierre 37%
Ward 7 Mike Jakubo 52%
Ward 8 Al Sizer 45%
Ward 9 Deb McIntosh 62%
Ward 10 Fern Cormier 74%
Ward 11 Bill Leduc 48%
Ward 12 Joscelyne Landry-Altmann 63%