Sudbury’s Best Breakfast Spots

What are the best places to get a bite of breakfast in the Nickel City? We thought you might like to know which of Sudbury’s greasy spoons we like to hit up most!

Below is a list of the top Breakfast Spots Greater Sudbury has to offer:

  1. Gonga’s Grill, this place has expanded to have multiple restaurants within the Greater Sudbury area and is one of Sudbury’s best local diners.
  2. Chateau Guay, located in Minnow Lake, this gem is not only a great place to have breakfast but also serves as a motel. The location couldn’t be better because it will be almost a hop, skip and a jump away from the new Kingsway Entertainment District planned for development later this year.
  3. Gloria’s Restaurant, the South End of Sudbury is really lacking in the greasy spoon department but not without this one. This greasy spoon diner has everything you expect and a little more. You can visit Gloria’s on the corner of Regent and Southview Drive.
  4. Gus’s, located just outside the cities downtown this Greek Diner has a hearty breakfast. Gus’s has been around for ever and with good reason, the food is great. You can go in anytime during the day and see Sudbury’s finest. It is one little secret they don’t want you to know about.
  5. Maria’s, if you have ever been through the Flour Mill area you would have see the diner Maria’s, it is located across the street from the old Winks Convenience Store, now Macs. This little gem in the Flour Mill is great for the hangover that you have this morning.

This is just a short list of five great places to coat your stomach with with some Sudbury morning goodness. The restaurants on this list have been around for years and are all locally owned. Try any one of these great spots out and you will not be disappointed!

Should we have missed your greasy spoon of choice then feel free to add them in the comment section on our Facebook page to get the word out about the great places the Greater City of Sudbury has to offer.