Science North in Sudbury – Top Attractions Guide

If you haven’t visited Science North in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, you’re selling yourself short on some serious family fun.

One of Ontario’s top attractions, Science North offers an exciting and engaging environment to explore. An underground tunnel, cut through a rockbed aged billions of years, leads visitors to interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and a knowledgeable team of experts that combine to make science both fun and memorable.

A landmark in Sudbury, Science North is a must-visit if you’re heading to northern Ontario. The science center buildings are a wonder themselves, as is the scenic landscape that surrounds the two stainless-steel, snowflake-shaped structures, but the biggest thrills can be found inside.

Featured below are ten fun activities found at Science North that are sure to inspire budding scientists, wow your senses, and add to an appreciation of the amazing world we live in.

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Eat Bugs

Have you ever eaten an insect? If not, you’ll get your chance at Science North! Choose from a selection of exotic treats, ranging from crunchy crickets to BBQ-flavored meal worms, and bite down on some bugs.

This uber-interactive experience of entomophagy, the practice of eating insects, is always big with the little ones and those with adventurous appetites.

Polish Rocks in the Lapidary Lab

Unleash your inner-rockhound and learn how to transform a rough piece of rock into a stunning piece of treasure in the Lapidary Lab.

Using specialized equipment to shape, grind, and polish rocks, amateur artisans can bring out the brilliant patterns and colors that are hidden beneath a simple stone’s surface. Not only will guests receive a lesson in earth sciences, they’ll also create a truly one-of-a-kind souvenir to bring home!

Science North Discovery Theatre

Fireballs, flying squirrels and first-hand science demonstrations are on display daily in the Discovery Theatre.

Well-trained staff, known as bluecoats, educate and entertain guests with fun and interactive experiments that showcase the many ways science touches our lives. Offering plenty of audience involvement, visitors can even volunteer to take part in the activities.

Bed of Nails

Daring individuals can test their wills as they lay upon a bed of nails. While the thought of laying down on nails may be a little daunting for some people, the danger level is pretty low.

Aside from a bit of pressure, you’ll feel nothing because your body weight is evenly distributed on the heads of the nails. If you remember to take care when getting on and off, this activity will be as safe as it is memorable.

Human Gyroscope

Similar to what astronauts trained with during the 1960’s, the Human Gyroscope simulates the effects of weightlessness and spaceflight.

Standing inside a group of three rings that each spin in different directions, the Human Gyroscope offers a unique experience every time, as the movements are completely controlled by the rider. Strap on in and make like Col. Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space!

F. Jean Macleod Butterfly Gallery

The F. Jean Macleod Butterfly Gallery, a climate-controlled butterfly habitat, provides a fully immersive experience that lets you stand among hundreds of free-flying butterflies and exotic plants. This is a great area for photo ops, relaxation, or even a tropical escape from a northern winter.

Take a peek into the chrysalis hatchery to learn about the life cycle of butterflies. You can see them in various stages of transformation or, if you’re lucky, watch as they emerge from their chrysalides.

Science North Planetarium

Blast off from Earth and set your sights on celestial bodies, comets, and constellations during a digital journey through space in Science North’s planetarium.

Scheduled shows vary, featuring films with a focus on all things astronomy and space sciences. If you’ve got a passion for planets, these entertaining and educational presentations are sure to amaze aspiring astronomers.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Find out which member of your family is hot stuff by stepping in front of Science North’s thermal imaging camera. You’ll see a live-feed thermogram, showing viewers the heat radiating off of their bodies and any other objects in view.

Enjoy finding out what parts of your body are the hottest or coldest. Try changing the temperature of objects and seeing the results in the thermoscan!

Meet the Animals

Interact with creatures that range from furry to freaky. Meet up with Saunders the skunk for an overload of cute or hold out your hands to go one-on-one with a tarantula. Animals of all sorts are ready for meet-and-greets at Science North in Sudbury!

Every animal has their own story to share at Science North and experts are on-hand to help them tell their tales. Not only can you find out on how each critter came to call the science center home, you can also learn about their behaviours, diets, and even some survival tips.

Science North Imax

They call it an Imax Experience for a reason. Huge screens, crystal clear sound, and detailed imagery combine to bring viewers deep into an immersed state of movie-going glee. The Science North Imax has been draw in Sudbury for over 20 years!

Whether it’s the larger-than-life adventures of the latest Hollywood blockbuster or a fascinating look into the world around you with an an Imax documentary, visitors are sure to be impressed.

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These are just a small sample of the things to discover and do at Science North in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. You’ll be sure to find many more fun activities on your visit. You’ll also create some great memories!

Attraction Details

100 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, ON P3E 5S9 Canada
(705) 522-3701
or 1-800-461-4898
Visit website

Science North Hours:

10am-4pm Monday-Saturday from September-December

Science North Prices:

Adult/Youth/Child/Senior from $27/$25/$23/$25

Imax and Planetarium ticket prices are additional