OCS Deals With Mislabeled Marijuana

Notifications have been sent to OCS customers who have still not received orders placed when marijuana was first legalized on Oct. 17 stating that a labelling mix up could be causing further delays to their delivery.

“Some of the items we received from Health Canada-authorized licensed producers were mislabelled and unfortunately this delayed our ability to ship your order to you, with the correct products you ordered,” the notification says. “The OCS has been working closely with licensed producers to update them on this issue and has taken steps to ensure all new inventory received has this corrected.”

The journey of the OCS looks like they may have been travelled on Sudbury roads, with this latest issue being one of many bumps the Ontario Cannabis Store has hit as of late.

Earlier this week, it was reported by various outlets that the Ontario ombudsman has been flooded with complaints, receiving over 1,000 of them, ranging from delivery concerns and communication problems to billing issues.

Last week, labour action at the Canada Post was to blame by the OCS for the overdue marijuana, with key Toronto mail processing facilities being shut down just as the first wave of the newly legal product was to be sent out.

A number of dispensaries have reopened within the province, despite the OCS being the only licensed retailer in Ontario of marijuana.

James Stanley, spokesperson for the Hemp Company, a shop in Ottawa, told the Ottawa Citizen that customers were “just begging us” to reopen and that they were needed to fill the void.

Any unlicensed pot shops face the consequence of potential of criminal charges and not being eligible to receive a licence to legally sell weed in April of 2019 when brick-and-mortar cannabis stores become available to the public.

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