Industrial Jobs Go South

It isn’t a surprise that companies located in Canada are starting to look South of the border to set up shop.

Arnprior was the latest victim of the American economy under Trump. Earlier this week, Swedish company Sandvik had decided to move a manufacturing plant located in Arnprior to the U.S.

In a statement, Sandvik said it has “decided to consolidate its North American operations in Scranton, Pa., where it already has a factory and distribution centre.”

The Arnprior plant which employed 160 people will be slated to close in late 2019. While some speculate whether the tariffs imposed by President Trump are to blame, Sandvik said  they had been “studying the possibility of consolidating operations for a while now.”

Speculations include the high cost of hydro, uncertainty of a carbon tax and increased regulations all playing a roll in the decision.

Sandvik, who’s Arnprior plant had been opened since 1975, hasn’t mentioned if they are looking to relocate any other facilities in Ontario to the United States.

Sandvik currently has operations across Canada, including both Greater Sudbury and North Bay, Ontario.