Check Out This Vancouver Mountain Biker’s Near Freefall From A Tree

You’ll find more than bears and lumberjacks in the Canadian woods!

Pro freeride mountain biker Jordie Lunn has recently released Rough AF 3, the third video in a series of videos featuring crazy stunts performed by Lunn in the wilderness of Vancouver Island.

The video, seen below, begins with a brief moment of sunlit serenity.

Chirping birds are interrupted by a roaring chainsaw – a slight symbol of the high-energy ride we’re about to embark on.

Jordie Lunn stands perched, high above the forest floor, on a quick-and-dirty platform. He saws away a section of a tree to be used as a part of a pulley system to hoist up his bike.

A calm-before-the-storm shot of Lunn, crouching at the base of his creation, is shown.

The roll-off section of ramp leads high up a Douglas fir. Planks have been nailed to the tree, one by one, to form a makeshift bike track. It ends at the previously mentioned platform, roughly 70 feet in the air.

Alexander Lewis’ Clockwise begins, providing a driving rhythm that accompanies the bike as it’s raised up to Lunn’s start position.

We’re given a shot of the rider’s viewpoint. The bike’s front tire juts slightly past the drop-off of the nearly vertical track.

Jordie Lunn then says one word. “Coming.”

As the bike rolls over the drop-off and down the tree, Lunn’s rear tire can be seen coming away from the track, tipping him slowly forward. Thankfully, 3/4 of the way down, Lunn levels off and continues down the tree trunk.

This feeling of relief is short-lived, however, as the landing, albeit a success, is almost agonizing to watch.

Lunn’s impact causes him to grunt, presumably, in pain. Moments later, he pulls his hand out of his his pants, fingers bloodied.

The action doesn’t stop there, though. Lunn continues with almost a three minute display of courage, skill, and mountain biking greatness. The tracks were all hand-carved by Lunn and his team, which is equally impressive.

Jordie Lunn has been riding since the age of eleven, starting off on the professional racing circuit before transitioning to freeriding and making awe-inspiring videos.

Rough AF 3, was made in collaboration with video creator, Calvin Hutch. It has racked up just under half a million views on YouTube since its release on November 21, 2018.

Don’t forget to peep Lunn’s two previous videos in the series, Rough AF and Rough AF 2 for more mountain biking insanity.

You can also take a look at Jordie Lunn’s Instagram page, which is chock full of crazy, featuring more bike stunts, wipe-outs, and pics of the Vancouver Island freerider.


Image Credits: Youtube/No Bad Days – Calvin Huth, YouTube/No Bad Days – Calvin Huth.