Bubble Bursts On Belli Dome

In a fiscally responsible move the Ontario government has put the brakes on funding the Belli Soccer Dome in the cities’ New Sudbury area.

The Belli Dome, which was one of two soccer domes planned for the Greater Sudbury area, will not go ahead as scheduled. The province has decided to pull its funding which was announced by the failing Liberals last year.

The cancelling of the dome, which is sure to ruffle some feathers, isn’t much of a surprise because Sudbury is expected to already have another dome built. The Sudbury District Sports Club which hasn’t asked for city or provincial funding is slated to have an indoor soccer dome built in the cities’ Flour Mill area.

Greater Sudbury, which has a population of roughly 160,000, would of had two indoor soccer domes. Both of these indoor facilities would have been in direct competition for the same group of people.

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