Best Bacon Alternatives That You Need To Try

Bacon. It’s one of the most delectable and enjoyed items to ever hit the breakfast plate. Even with all of its crispy-salty-goodness, though, some people have made the switch to a pork alternative, whether for perceived health benefits or, in some of the following cases, for the sake of adventure.

We’re all familiar with turkey bacon, by now, so we took it a step further and dug up four other great ways of making bacon without cutting into the swine.  You might be surprised to find out where some of the alternatives come from.

Duck Bacon

Yes, you read that correctly. Duck bacon. This alternative comes from the breast of the Moulard duck. It’s rubbed with salt and sugar, smoked and then sliced. It is just as flavorful as real bacon but contains much less fat. Duck is rather pricey, as are some other bacon alternatives, but it is great for a treat.

Elk Bacon

Those who follow Joe Rogan know he is wildly into elk meat, so it’s possible that he may his fridge loaded with this stuff. Their are different processes of making elk bacon. In the first method, elk bellies are dry-rubbed, cured and then smoked, to produce a quality bacon alternative. Other methods use ground elk meat, which is sometimes combined with other ground meats, then formed and cut into strips.

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This #soberoctober fitness challenge has got me eating like a wolf. Elk, eggs and kimchi after a 2 hour workout.

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Lamb Bacon

From the bellies of young sheep, comes lamb bacon. This alternative gained popularity in recent years, more than likely because of its distinct flavour. If you’re a fan of lamb, you will definitely be a fan of this pork alternative. A bonus, for some, is that lamb bacon is both kosher and halal.

Coconut Bacon

Vegans and vegetarians love bacon, too, so they hacked up their own pork bacon replacement. This bacon is made with a blend of coconut flakes, salt, spices sweeteners, and liquid smoke. For a totally meat-free alternative, this is a great choice.

All in all, these are great substitutions if, for whatever reason, you are looking to switch from traditional pork bacon. Which one would you be willing to try?