An Ontario Man is Selling 55 Volkswagen Buses and You Won’t Believe the Price

Ever wanted to form a hippie convoy with you and 54 of your grooviest buddies and take one epic ride to the far side? Now might be your chance!

A seller on Kijiji has listed for sale 55 vintage Volkswagen Type 2 Buses out of Newmarket, Ontario. The asking price? $350,000 U.S. dollars.

The ad, posted by six-year Kijiji member Rob, states that the vehicles are all in “good restorable condition” and “complete original.” Bay-window VW buses, split screen models, and later year Westfalia camper style vans are showcased in the listing.

This straightforward seller isn’t about to humor any tire kickers, though, as there is a charge of $500 cash to simply view the VW Buses. The buyer must also be prepared to “remove all of them.”

It should be noted that Rob “will not respond to flakes with no money.”

If the $350,000 is a little out of your price range and you’re still looking to cruise around in retro fashion, you could check out another of Rob’s offerings on Kijiji; a 1977 vintage Raleigh Touring bike that “needs work.” $150.00. Canadian.