7 Times The Ontario NDP Acted As If The Sky Was Falling…In November

Everyone in Ontario knew that they would see major friction between its two top political parties when Doug Ford was elected.

The Premier of Ontario Doug Ford and the Leader of The Official Opposition Andrea Horwath have nothing in common. They really are polar opposites.

What we didn’t know for sure was how the Ontario NDP were going to mold into the role of Official Opposition. What IS clear is that no matter what role the NDP will play, it appears that they have a lot in common with Chicken Little.

Here are 7 times the Ontario NDP acted as if the sky was falling…. in November.

1.) Childcare. It would almost seem as if the Ontario NDP think that people who don’t have young children have endless pockets.

2.) Healthcare. Every Ontarian knows the health care in this province outside of Toronto is dismal. Most Ontarians realize the Ontario NDP propped up the Ontario Liberals for 15 Years.

3.) Steve Bannon. This is a controversial one and even though we might not agree with what he has to say the right to freedom of speech exists. The NDP make it sound like the Nazis will be running wild in the streets.

4.) Minimum Wage. The Ontario NDP feel that every job is worth $15 an hour and if Ontario doesn’t have a $15 minimum wage there will be mass bread lines.

5.) Open For Business Signs. The world is ending because Doug Ford spent a little money on signs. Did everyone forget about that giant rubber duck?

6.) Cabinet Shuffle. Loud and brash Doug Ford, hiding? We don’t think it’s possible.

7.) The Resistance. With under 35% of the total vote in Ontario…Who is resisting?

We really wanted to go a little further with this one but the month is only halfway through.