5 Ontario Skate Parks That Are Kickflipping Awesome

Since gaining traction in the seventies, skateboarding has maintained its popularity around the world.

When you think of skateboarding, you think of Tony Hawk, Powell Peralta, Slime Ball, Steve Caballero, Bones and many more. When you think of skateboarding in Ontario, you think of getting chased out of the Tim’s parking lot.

The biggest disadvantages of being a skateboard enthusiast in Ontario is our rough climate and the lack of locations to skate at.

Fortunately, some young entrepreneurs have picked up the slack. Ontario now has a number of indoor skateparks. These skateparks are mostly located in Southern Ontario with the exception of one, located between Northern and Southern Ontario in Muskoka Lakes.

Below we have listed five Ontario skateparks.

Souldiers Skate Shop – Orillia, Ontario 

CJ’s Skatepark – Mississauga, Ontario 

The Ward Skatepark & Shop –  Guelph, Ontario 


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Kinoak Arena and Indoor Skateboard Park – Oakville, Ontario 

Inflow Bike and Skatepark – Dundas, Ontario


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Skateboarding is a serious hobby of many younger children and adults. It is nice to see that Southern Ontario has a number of indoor parks as well as numerous outdoor ones. We just wonder when Eastern and Northern Ontario are going to catch up.