22 Canadian Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following In 2019

Whether you are brand new to Twitter or you have been tweeting before birds, the unique social media platform can be a real world of discovery.

On the other hand, tracking down who’s Twitter feed to follow that will allow you to discover the latest and greatest content can be a little tricky.

Add in your insatiable hunger for ultra-Canadian news, stories and humour and things get even trickier.

To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a refreshing mix of 22 Canadians to follow on Twitter that are sure to represent what Canada has to offer on the Twittersphere!

William Shatner

Born in Montreal, Quebec, William Shatner AKA Captain Kirk, is one hell of an iconic Canadian. Best known for his role as the captain of the USS Enterprise, Shatner has been in the limelight for over 50 years, acting, producing, writing, and even recording quirky albums. His latest effort, destined to be a holiday staple, is a Christmas album called “Shatner Claus.”

Paul Bissonnette

Biz Nasty was a NHL fourth-liner for the Arizona Coyotes. His twitter skills are more like first-line, 1980’s Edmonton Oilers, though. This former hockey player’s twitter skills are so sharp he landed himself a job with the NHL club doing social media. Paul Bisonette’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, made during the summer of 2014, was incredible and still deserves a look. Since that time, he doesn’t disappoint and proves to be a boss on twitter!

Daniel Negreanu

This Toronto, Ontario poker wizard has been a big draw for poker fans and an ambassador to the game for over a decade now. ‘Kid Poker’, as they call him, is very active on Twitter. Daniel Negreanu is almost as famous for his vegan tweets and anti-Trump rants as he is for dominating the felt. If you ever happen to meet up with him in the poker room you will most likely be the lamb led to the slaughter.

Chris Hadfield

Colonel Chris Hadfield is Canada’s best known astronaut and the former commander of the International Space Station. He basically recorded his entire time in space, with the help of the Canadian Space Agency, and shared his experiences with millions of people on Earth. Hadfield inspired an entire generation while on the space station and continues to do so on Twitter. He is a true Canadian hero.

Gail Vaz-Oxlade

No-nonsense budget queen Gail Vaz-Oxlade made her mark with Canadian television’s hit shows Till Dept Do Us Part and Money Moron. With her expert knowledge of money management and a focus on budgeting she has helped many people increase their financial skill sets and escape the burden of debt. As frank as she was on TV, you still might be surprised by some of her tweets as Gail is very outspoken on Twitter.

Jordan B. Peterson

This lobster-loving psychologist, best-selling author and University of Toronto professor gained notoriety for contesting Canada’s efforts to legislate language. His name on this list alone is sure to draw some ire from millenials. Jordan Peterson’s popularity has grown to the point that he has put his clinical practice and teaching on the back burner to make time for interviews and intercontinental tours.

Jill Colton

Jill Colton is a political news commentator and Canadian YouTube sensation. She didn’t start there, though. Jill was a mainstream media figure on TV in Greater Sudbury and Toronto before venturing out on her own. You can count on informative, fact-based analysis from her YouTube channel and Twitter feed.

Michael “Pinball” Clemons

The Pinball! This former CFL domineer is no stranger to success. Pinball has transformed from owning the football field to owning life. He is a very successful Torontonian who you will not want to miss.

Russel Peters

Russel Peters is Canada’s funny man. This hard working Toronto comedian has had a successful career in an industry that destroys dreams. Nothing is off limits for Peters, as he does everything from mocking his own heritage to making people curl up in a fetal position because of their laughter.

Don Cherry

Don Cherry is the man with no apologies. This hard-nose Canadian has no time for funny business. He tells it like it is and isn’t afraid of any backlash whatsoever. ‘Grapes’ doesn’t shy out on on social media either. He is just as entertaining on Twitter as he is on Hockey Night In Canada. Grab a couple of “pops” and sit back and read his feed. The GOAT of hockey analysis.

Pamela Anderson

Being spotted as a spectator at a BC Lions CFL game in 1989 led to a colourful career for Pamela Anderson. She was featured as Playboy’s Playmate-of-the-Month, starred in pop-culture staples like Home Improvement and Baywatch, and did some semi-successful movies, all while getting married to some of entertainment’s wildest guys. More recently, she has focused on charity work through the Pamela Anderson Foundation. We’ll also note that her Labatt’s Blue poster is still one of the most memorable pieces of Canadiana ever produced.

Kevin O’Leary

‘Mr.Wonderful’ brings his matter-of-fact approach that people are familiar with from Shark Tank straight to the Twittersphere. Kevin O’Leary has been uber-successful in business and television and has even taken a run for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. O’Leary is very active on Twitter and is actually a lot of fun.

Chris Jericho

WWE Superstar Chris Jericho bodyslams the Twitter competition! Not only is this on-again-off-again wrestler a star in the ring, he is also the frontman of heavy metal band, Fozzy. Between busting heads and touring around Canada with his band as of late, he finds time to host his podcast, Talk Is Jericho.

Avril Lavigne

Small-town Ontario songbird and conspiracy theory subject Avril Lavigne just returned to the music scene after a five year battle with Lyme disease. She recently released a single and an album from her is expected early next year, Filled with performance clips, candid photos, and contests, Avril shares some really cool stuff on her Twitter feed.

Jason Maslakow

‘Dart Guy’ is what happens when you go viral on Twitter. The Toronto Maple Leafs super-fan became an overnight social media star after being caught on camera decked out in face paint with a cigarette hanging from his mouth while watching a game in Washington, DC. Making the most of his big break, Jason Maslakow is currently head scout of the Aurora Tigers and also works for NHL central scouting.

Maripier Morin

Former TV host and Hockey Wives reality star Maripier Morin became a media favorite while dating former Montreal Canadians hockey player Brandon Prust. After gaining notoriety as reality TV’s northern bad girl, she has become a mainstay on Canadian television and, just recently, starred in her big screen debut, playing a high-class escort in La chute de l’empire américain (The Fall of the American Empire).

George Stroumboulopoulos

George Stromboloupolous is a Canadian broadcaster best known for his time on MuchMusic and CBC’s The Hour. Strombo also replaced Ron Maclean as host of Hockey Night in Canada in an attempt to draw in younger viewers. It was a failed effort despite Strombo’s likeability and Maclean was brought back after a short while. George Stromboloupolous currently hosts CBC Radio’s The Strombo Show where he continues to exemplify his talent of being one heck of a chill dude.

Nicole Arbour

Nicole Arbour is a big-time Canadian YouTuber and one-time Toronto Raptor’s cheerleader. The sometimes controversial entertainer has caught heat for making statements that were considered ‘fat shaming‘ and also for ‘whitewashing’ a video originally made by Childish Gambino. Whatever the case, she’s not shy to say what’s on her mind and is quick to stand her ground. Overall, Nicole Arbour is a great example of a Canadian success story.

Conrad Black

Canadian media mogul Conrad Black is very active on twitter and comments regularly on the trending political scene both in Canada and the U.S. Conrad is no stranger to controversy, either, having served some time in the big house for fraud.

Darren MacLean

Could Chef Darren MacLean be the next big thing? We hope so! It was recently revealed that this Alberta native will be the only Canadian in the new Netflix Cooking Challenge Show “Final Table.” This outspoken Calgarian reps his home city hard and we look forward to hearing what this culinary warrior has to say.

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh is a Scarborough-born actress and YouTube star of the channel IISuperwomanII. She has amassed a huge following on social media and landed a spot in Forbes magazine as one of the highest paid Youtubers in 2017. She also became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador last year, acting as an advocate for children’s rights. Lilly Singh recently announced that she’s taking a break from YouTube, so you may have to check in on her Twitter Feed to get your IISuperwomanII fix.

Allison Dore

Allison Dore is the queen of Canadian satellite  talk radio. This Torontonian is a proud promoter of Canada. Formerly a comedian, she has transitioned into the world of broadcasting and has fit in naturally. When not on Twitter, you can always hear what she has to say on The Breakdown on Canada Talks 167 on SiriusXM. Just don’t get her started on issues like minimum wage or Donald Trump because she will fight to the death. During her live show, she answers Twitter users and even invites regular combatants to call in.

Surely, this collection of Canadian Twitter accounts is just scratching the surface of northern greatness that is to be found on social media. For now, though, take it as a starting point, then build on it and find your own favorites!